is a default Ip address Used By Multiple Router Brands to Provide Router Management Services. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Has reserve 17.9 million addresses for private networks, which are Mostly Being used for local area networks (LANs) in residential, office, and enterprise environments. Like this is Also An Ip address That Acts as a Local Host for Administrator Services & management of the Wireless Router dashboard. There are a Lot of Routers Who use this Ip as their default Ip Such as Netgear, Dlink, Arris,at&t, cisco, Tp-link & many More. This Post is Dedicated to Provide You All the Necessary Information & Steps That you may Need with Login So Stay Tuned till Last-

Any Default Ip Address Such as Or is Only Helpful While You are Connected With Router. The Default Ip Address is Only a Gateway For You to Access Router Admin Console. Every Wifi Router Or Model Comes With a Pre-configured IP Address That Can be Only Assigned to Router in order to Avoid Ip Conflicts. You Can Always change the Default Ip Address On Your Wifi Router. In Case Your Modem Can Also Work as a Router Then you must make sure to change the default Ip address of your Router Before You Configure it. You Can Use default Ip Address to Login Your Wireless Router & change Settings Such as – 

  • Wifi Router Installation & Setup 
  • Change Or Set up Security, Username, Parental Control 
  • Performance & Service Troubleshooting  

Note – Most Modem-cum-Router (Hybrid Modems) Can Also Use Or as their default Ip Address.

How to Login Router With

Now to Login Your Wireless Router Setup page Please Make sure You have These Things Upfront- 

  • Computer, Tablet Or Any Other SmartPhone With Full Browser 
  • Connectivity From Router (Wired Or Wireless ) 
  • Ethernet Cable (Optional )
  • Default Username & Password 

Now, most of the Times Default Username & password Would Grant you access to Router admin page however if you have changed the router Dashboard Username & password & if you don’t remember it Then you are left with Only Option to Reset the Router to Factory Defaults. 

Note – we have Taken Dlink As An Example for This Post However Ip Address is used as default Ip With Many Brands Such as Netgear.

Learn How to Login Netgear Router & Dlink Router Login

Usually, People Don’t Change their Router admin password So, In That case, default credentials Should Work-  Now Follow The Steps Carefully – 

  • Plug the Router to power Outlet & Connect It With a computer using Ethernet Wire.
  • Smartphone connected With Router Would Also Work 
  • Open Internet Browser & type at the Top of your URL Box (Address bar) & Press Enter.
  • Now if asked for Username & Password Please Try these combinations of usernames & Passwords One By One- 

Note – Remember that username & passwords are cases sensitive so be careful While typing Credentials. 

This Should Get You Login Under Router dashboard & Then you can Follow Onscreen Instruction to Change Settings On Router as You Need. If You are Still Not Able to Login Router Dashboard Or If Won’t Work For You Then You Might Wanna Try Some Other Things Given Below – 

Troubleshooting not working

Now Many Users Who Make Quick Internet Search About their Router Default IP could Often be mistaken & May waste their Lot of Time & Energy Struggling With Wrong Default IP address So First Order of Troubleshooting is to collect Right Information. If you Now Sure then Find Out What is the default Ip Address of your Router or do checkout troubleshooting.

Connection With Router 

To Login Any Home & Small Business wifi Router You Must be connected to the Router Physically Or Wirelessly. Physical Connection from Router is More Suitable for Troubleshooting Purposes. Make sure Your Router’s First LAN is Port is Connect With Your Computer Ethernet Port Using Internet Cable.

Reset Wireless Router

Before You Do Factory Restore Please Understand that This Step Will Wipe Out all settings Made by User & Restore Factory Settings. It’s Quick & easy to setup Router Again Still So Be Advised –

dlink router
  • Now Take a Paper Clip Or Pen & Locate the Reset key at the back or bottom of the Router.
  • Press & Hold the Reset key gently for the Next 10-15 seconds While it’s Powered On.
  • Once Reset You May See all Light On Router Flashing All Together Please Restart the Router.

Now It’s Ready to Be Configured. Now Please Connect the computer With Router Then Again Open the Internet Browser & try to access the Router Console as Instructed Above.

Once You have been Able to access Router Dashboard Your Router Will Auto Guide You How to Setup Your Router. Please Follow Onscreen intrusion to Setup Your Router & change Settings as You Would Like.  

We Plan to Provide You Guides Related all Types of Router Setup, Password Change, Troubleshooting & Guidance on New Features. Soon All Posts Will be Updated.

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