is an IP Address Reserved For Private Networks Which is Used By Many Home Router manufactures as a Default Gateway. One Can Use this Default Ip to Access Router Admin Page. While Using This Ip Address Always Remember that it’s a Local Host & Router Management Console that Would Only Work if you are Connected With the Router.

Your Home or Small Business Wifi Router Admin Settings Can Only be Accessed Using this Ip, Once You log in Your Router You Can Manage multiple Router Services Such as – 

  • Router Setup, Configuration & Connection Troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Password Reset, Password Lookup & Security Setup 
  • Firmware Update, Backup, Restore & Performance Troubleshooting.
  • WPS Setup Of Printer Or Other WPS Enabled Devices & Much More.

Major Brands Use As Default IP

Note – Please Understand that Any Router Manufacturer Can Set Different Ip for Different Series & Models of Routers. One Can Also Manually change the default Ip Once you are able to Login the Router.

How to Use

It’s Important that You Know How to Use this default Gateway Ip To Login Router Admin Panel. Please Follow The Steps –

  • One Can log in Router Admin Page Using Any Computer, Tablet Or SmartPhone as Long As You are Connected to Router Using Wifi Or Wired Connection.
  • Open Any of the Full Browser of Your Choice Like Chrome, Safari, Intenet Explorer, Microsoft Edge & Type at the Top Of Address Bar.
  • Press Enter & a Small Box will appear that may Ask for Username & Password. Sometimes It Only Asks for Username So Here is The List of Most Commonly Used Username & Password –
admin password
webadmin1234 is Not Working?

if you are Unable to Open default Gateway using this IP address then Please Try Troubleshooting Given Below-

As You Know many of Router Brands Have Chosen as their Default Ip(Gateway) . Use the same steps For any Brand of Wifi Router as Long as they use as their default Gateway to access Router Admin Page.

Tips  – In Order to Open the Router Setup Page Using Default Ip Like You Must make sure You are connected With the Router. Connection Type Won’t Matter. Wired Or Wireless Either Way Just Make Sure You are connected With Router.


  • Try a Different Computer, Smartphone Or Tablet With Full Browser Which is Connected to the Router.
  • If the device can’t be Changed then change  Your Internet Browser & Switch it to Some Other Browser Like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Etc. 
  • Restart the Router & Try to access the Router Dashboard again using the default ip.
  • Be Sure About Your Default Ip Address. Because if is Not Your Default Gateway for Router then It Would Not Work.

Learn How to Find The default Ip Address of Your Router 

Now if You Sure that is Your Default Ip Address then Let’s Try  Some Core Troubleshooting that may Fix the Problem-

Ping the Default Gateway

Ping is mostly Used for Network Connectivity Test. Please Use a Computer for this Troubleshooting.

  • Just Open the CMD (Windows User) Or Terminal  ( Mac Users) 
Cmd Prompts Window
  • Type Ping & Press Enter Ip Address

A successful Ping Command Would Look Like Image Below- 

Successful Ping

Number of Packet Sent Are Equal to the Number of packets Received and date lost is 0

Just in case of unsuccessful Ping it would Like Image Below-


Commonly, In This Case, a Ping Would Tell whether you are properly connected to the Router Ip or Not. a successful Ping means that you are connected to the IP & its Working While an Unsuccessful Ping does not mean that you are not connected to the Default Gateway. It means that your device is not able to make connection With the Ip You are trying to connect. Regardless of Your Ping Results if you are connected to the Router We Will be Able to Help You There-

Now let’s Change Some Ip Settings So Your Router Page Can be Opened using default gateway-  

Obtain Manual IP Address – 

  • Go to Your Computer Window>Search>Control Panel
  • Go to Control Panel>Network and Internet
  • Go to >Network and Sharing Center
  • Go to >Change adapter settings
  • On the next window Right-click on Ethernet > Click on Properties

Now a Box Will Appear Please Click On Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) 

Make sure the Box is Checked for This Option at the Left Hand Side.

Now if you Connected With Router Using Ethernet Cable Than click On Local Ethernet Network Which is Working However if you are connected With Wireless Network Than Select the One With Wifi Name & Bars.

Now Right Click On Your Network Settings & Go to Properties 

Now a Box Will Appear Please Click On Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) 

Make sure the Box is Checked for This Option at the Left Hand Side.

Now-Again Click On Properties and a New Box Will Appear  

Select the Option Use the Following Address and type the information we are Going to Provide You-

Word of Caution – if you are running on a static Internet Or Dial-Up Internet connection Please Take a Picture of your Settings Or Ip Address that you Have already Put Manually. Please Write it Down You May Need it later. If its a DHCP Connection Type Which is Used By Most Internet Provider then make no changes & follow the steps. 

IP Address    –

Subnet Mask –

Default Gateway-

  • Now for Settings Below You May Need to Call Your Internet Service Provider Or If Your device is Connected With Router Internet Then

Just Open the CMD & Type Ipconfig/all

  • Find DNS Server Ip Under The Settings as Shown In Picture – 
ISP DNS server
  • Once you have Put all the Information As Instructed Please Save all Settings & Restart Your Computer. 
  • Now go to Your Browser & Type at the top of your Browser & Use the default Details to Login the Router. Pop Up
  • Once you Have Logged into the Router & changed the Settings & Configuration Please go Back to Your computer Network Properties & Revert Back all the Settings as they Were Before Making Any Changes. 

Disable Firewall, Proxy Or Antivirus Settings

Although it’s Unlike that Firewall Or Antivirus Blocks the default Ip Address of your Router But Just in Case Please Disable the Antivirus & Firewall for 5 Minutes are Try to Access the Router Page Again using the default Gateway.

To make this change follow the below steps

Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Window firewall > Customize setting

System & Security
Windows Firewall
Turn Off Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall Settings

 If You Still Struggling  & Not Able to Login to Your Router Using default Gateway the Now is the Time When We Recommend You to Hard Reset Your Router- 

Avoid Ip Conflicts- 

Make Sure you have Not assigned (Default Ip ) to any Other Device because it may cause Ip Conflict That may Disrupt Router Services Or Block the Access of Router Page.

Reset Wireless Router to Default Settings- 

Reset Wireless Router
  1. Every Home & Small Business Router Comes With Reset Key at the back or Bottom of your Wireless Router. Please Locate the Reset key Or Hole at the back of your Router
  2. Make Sure Your Router is Connect to Power & On.
  3. Use  any Tiny Object such as Pen Or Paper clip & Press the Reset Key At the back of Your Router & Hold it For Next 25-30 Seconds
  4. Now When you See Light Blinking Together Hold it For 5 More Seconds & Let the Reset key Go 
  5. Restart the Router & Its Ready for Setup & Possibly this May Solve the Issue of Default Gateway Not Being Accessible.

I hope all of this Puts Smile on your Face & You are Able to Login Your Wireless Router Admin Page.

Do let us Know if you Need Any More Help With Any Router Login & Setup Related Problem. If you have something to add to this Guide & Help Other Then You Welcome to leave a Comment & We Will get back to You ASAP.

Until Then …Take Care, Good-Bye