is a Reserved Private IP Address That is Used By Mainly Broadband Modem & Router to Provide the Local Host to their Users. In Simple Terms, This Ip Can be Used as Default Gateway to Access Router admin Console. Reserved Ip Address – are Assigned & managed By Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) & Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA),

Now You may Think Whether this Ip address is Your Default Ip Or Not?

Brands Who Uses this Ip Address as default Gateway & How you can Use to Login Router Webpage- 

Note – Please Don’t Be Confused With Word Router Because You May Know it by the name Of Modem but If it has Wireless Capabilities then it’s Not Just Modem Its a Hybrid Modem-cum-Router.

Most Brands Who uses this Ip as a Default Gateway Ip are – 

  • Some Models of Linksys Routers 
  • Alcatel Modems 
  • Westell Modems
  • 3Com Routers 
  • Billion Modems & Routers
  • Netopia Cayman Modems
  • 2 Wire
  • Centurylink
  • Aztech
  • SparkLAN
  • Thomson

Note -Some Intenet Service Providers Distribute their Own Partnered Or Built Modem+Router devices So Please Don’t Be Confused With Term Router Because You May Know it by the name Of Modem but If it has Wireless Capabilities then it’s Not Just a Modem Its a Hybrid Modem com Router.

Before Proceeding Further Just to save your time & energy we ask you to make sure that is the default Ip address of your Router. Learn to Find Out Default Ip Address for Wireless Router.

Note – People Often Gets Confused With Similar Ip Address Such as Or So Make Sure What is the default Ip Address of your Router Before Proceeding. Login

It’s Easy & You Would be Amazed to Know the Things You can Change & Adjust With Router GUI Such as –

  • Router Installation & Setup, Router Reset Or Retrieve Wireless Password Without Performing Reset.
  • Troubleshooting Router Performance & Connectivity Problems
  • Parental Control, bandwidth control & Band Settings
  • Security Mode, Encryption Type & Guest Network Control, etc.

Now to Login Router Admin Page, Please Establish Few Things Before Proceeding Such As-

  • Computer & Smartphone To Access Router Dashboard
  • Find an Extra Ethernet Cable (Optional)
  • Direct Connection to Router Using Cable Or Wifi

Let’s Get your Login Router Dashboard –

  • Power On the Router & Make Sure You Are Connected to Router That you Are Going to Login.
Connection From Router to Modem
Connect Router With Computer
  • Open Your Internet Browser & type in the Address Bar & press Enter
  • When Prompt For Username & Password Try the Credential Combination to Access Router Dashboard Console-

Username – admin, Password – password

Username – admin, Password – admin

Username – admin , Password = (blank) login

One of the Combination Should Work & If You are Logged in They you should be able to change or Adjust All Settings as you may Wish However Just in case if you are still Not Able to Login then we are left with the only Choice to Reset Router back to Defaults.

Warning – As Our Research Shows Most Router Who uses are Provided & managed by Internet Service Provider So If Your Modem & Router is the Same Device Then We Won’t recommend Doing Reset. Please Contact Your Internet Service Provider But if there are two separate Modem & Router then Please Reset the router because it’s easy to re-configure Home Router Networks.

Reset Wifi Router –

the Reset Option is a Great Tool That allows you to restore all factory Settings Making your Router Adjust to Default settings. it’s a Very Useful Tool for Troubleshoot Wireless Router Related Problems. if you are not able to Login Router Settings using default details Provided Above then You Must follow Steps given Further to get the desired results –

  • Power On the Wifi Router & Let it Boot Up.
  • Locate the Reset Key at the Back Or Botton of Router.
  • Use a Pen, Paperclip or Any Tiny Object to Press & Hold the Reset key While its Power on for 10-15 seconds.
  • When all Lights start Flashing let the Reset key Go & Restart the Router.
Reset Router

Now all of your Settings Should have been restored Back to Normal & You Can Now Login & Reconfigure the Router using Default Settings.

That’s All For Now About Ip Address. Please Do Let us know if you have any Remaining Question About Router Login Or Setup.

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