| Default Belkin Range Extender Ip

Many people may have seen that in the guide to setup Belkin range extender, we have mentioned IP address Many of you must be curious to know more about it. Aren’t you? Let us tell you, there is always an IP address for the websites which gives the same result. Let’s see what is

We will be discussing the following things below-

  • What is
  • How does this IP address work?
  • How to login using an IP address?

What is

Like other range extenders, Belkin also provides a default IP address i.e. for the users. It will connect you to the Belkin range extender setup page.

You can visit the page at or http://belkin.range Because of this address, you can process for further steps.

How does the IP address work?

Let’s assume the users type the https://belkin.range on the address bar to visit the default page of Belkin Setup. But it will translate the IP address while searching. It makes it easy for manufacturers to remember web addresses. The IP address that we gave in this article will work for any model of Belkin. you can use for belkin router login.

How to login using an IP address?

Follow these steps to use the Belkin extender easily.

  • Take the Belkin range extender and plug it into a power socket. Make sure you are plugging it near the router.
  • Connect your extender wireless by connecting from the smartphone or laptop through the network. You will see the Belkin.setup as a new network name in the list. Either connect by this way or you can also make use of the Ethernet cable for the same.
belkin.setup network

Note: Sometimes it doesn’t show on your network list, so you have to reset the Belkin range Extender. So, press and hold the resetting button on the Belkin extender for 10 seconds and it will get reset.

After you can see the network name on your laptop or smartphone. Still, if you are getting any issues, then you can connect using an ethernet cable.

  • Click on any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., and open it. Enter on the address bar at top and press enter.
  • There it will ask for a username and password. You can use the default user and password credentials for login.
  • You might have got the wireless configuration card with the new Belkin extender. You can find the login credentials there or you can simply use the default login credentials

Username= admin Password= admin

  • Then the Belkin setup page will appear. Click get started and move on.
  • Later on, it will show the list of all nearby networks. Out of all the networks popping up just select the one for which you want to extend the range.
  • Enter your password to connect the network to the router. And tick on the Next button.
  • Then it will successfully get connected to the network services.

This way you can use the IP address properly. In this way, you can definitely connect and speed up your internet connection.