Having The Correct information is Quite important While Troubleshooting Any Wireless Router. In this post, we are Going to Talk About Few Question About Asus Router Login & Management That Will be Answered in this Guide Such as –

  • What is Asus Router Default IP (Gateway)?
  • Asus Router default Username, password
  • How to Know Asus Router Wireless Password Without Reset?
  • How to Reset Password Or Settings in the Asus Router?
  • Asus Router Login Using Default Settings.

In this article, we are Going to Answer All the Questions Mention Above- First thing First Lets Tech you How to Login Asus Wireless Router?

Asus Router Default IP

Please Understand that Every Router Has a Default Ip Address that can be used to Login the Router Gui (Graphical user interface)There is numerous model & series router by Asus, but Pretty Much all of them have similar Default Gateway-

You Can Use http://router.asus.com  Or

List of Default Ip Address of Major Routers

First, we will tell you the general login procedure which will work on most of the Asus router models.

Important Tips – This Article Can be Used to Login almost All Models & series of Asus Wireless Router. Please Understand That Every Router, Extender & Small Business Router Does Have 2 Passwords. One for Network Access Known As Wifi Password (Wireless Password, Network Key) & Second Password is for Router Admin Management & Settings. In Order to change the Wifi Password, You Must Know Or Reset the Asus Router Admin Login Password.

Asus Router Login

1: Connect the Asus router to the computer using the Ethernet cable.

It can be google chrome, internet explorer, Firefox or for that matter any browser you want.

2: In the address bar in your browser, enter the default IP address of your router.

The default IP address of most of the Asus routers are

Question: How to find the default IP address of your Asus wireless router?

Answer: Generally the default IP address of an Asus router is However If this doesn’t work, you can visit the Asus console web console http://router.asus.com, and directly get to the GUI of setup console page.

3: Once you enter your IP address in the address bar of the router and press Enter, then a new page will open in the browser which will ask you

You can try these combinations of username and password:

adminleave it black

Note – You Can Also Find Default Username, Ip Address And Password for Asus Router Login at the back of Your Asus Wireless Router.

If even after trying these combinations you are not able to log in, that means that you Or Someone Else must have changed the password and have forgotten it.

Asus router doesn’t have the facility of recovering the lost password if you have no way of accessing the Asus router setup page But it allows you to reset the router settings back to the Factory Defaults.

Word of Caution- If You Choose to Restore the Asus Router Settings Then all Existing Settings & Configuration Will be Lost and Your Router Will go Back to Factory Default Settings. You May Need to Setup Asus Router Again (It’s Easy But Still Be Advised )

if you need more information go to Find more information about asus wireless router login and its settings.

Restore Default Factory Settings

Now there are two ways in which the password of the Asus router can be reset.

These two ways are known as Soft Reset (Reset Via Gui) and Hard Reset (Using Reset Key). Both Technics are Easy to Perform but Since You are Not Able to Login Asus Router then Soft Reset is Not Possible for You. That’s Why we Will recommend Performing the Hard Reset First using the Reset Key. We will still Explain How to Soft Reset Asus Router Once You are Able to Login Asus Router.

Hard Reset Asus Router

1: Plug the Asus Router to Power Outlet, Look at the back & find the reset Key (Hole) on the router.

2: Use a Paper clip Or Any Tiny Objects such as table pin or Pen to Reset, Now press the reset key & Hold the Reset key for 30-35 seconds. When you See all lights Flashing on your Router, let the Reset key Go

3: Now Once the Reset is Done Give Your Router the Next 30 Seconds & Restart the Asus Router. Now your Asus Router Has Been Reset & Its is Ready to be Reconfigure.

4: After the router reset is complete, open your browser and enter your Default Asus Router IP address, which is Or router.asus.com in the address bar.

Setup Asus Router After Reset

5: A login page will come in which you will enter the default username ‘admin’ and default password ‘admin’.

Since you have reset the router, after the login, you may be asked to set a new Asus router administrator password. Please Create a Unique & Strong Password that is Easy to Remember & Write it Down Somewhen on Paper. Don’t share it With People you can’t completely trust.

Just be reminded, that if you forget the Router Admin password in the feature, the only way to get the thing right would be to hard reset the router again.

6: Now you will have to set new wireless settings. Please Go to the “Wireless Settings” page and enter the network name (SSID) and network key (password) that you want for your 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. You can also Turn Off 5GHz Network if you don’t intend to use it.

You can’t have the same network name for both of them but the network key (Wireless Password) can be same.

Once you have set the network key and network name, a message will appear which will say “You have changed SSID or security setting. Save the settings & reboot the Asus Router

7: Now Please try to connect your devices to the new Asus network Using the Settings you just made. Just Refresh the available wireless network List & connect With Newly Created Network With Wireless Password.

If the internet works fine, that means that you have successfully installed the Asus wireless router. checkout a way of installing asus router using app in a quick way.

From now on you can easily access & manage your Asus Router Settings. we have Tried to Cover Many issues in this Post such as Asus Router Login, Asus Router Setup & Troubleshooting Along With Reset steps, etc. However, we strongly believe that Smart Tips & changes Can Always make Job Easier. Please Fill the Form Below & Do Let us Know Via Your Comments What More Do You Need to Know to Login & Manage Your Router. We are Here 24*7 to Answers Your Questions With Asap Reply.

Till Then Take Care, Good Luck