2 Easy Ways for Asus Router Setup

Hello there, today in this Guide you will find easy and accurate methods to setup the Asus router. the Asus wifi router will help you get a wireless internet connection once you configure it with your internet modem.

Asus router installation can be done using the computer, smartphone and ios devices such as iPhone/iPad however wired setup can be done only using a laptop/desktop with the ethernet port.

You can use the same methods setup New and old routers and in the case of the old router please reset it to default router settings and then follow the steps given below.

Before we tell you about the Asus router setup please understand the basic requirement for the process-

Requirements for Asus router setup

  • internet Modem with active internet connection
  • a device (Computer/tablet/smartphone) with Wifi Capability (For wireless Connection)
  • any Full Browser such as (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari Or Microsoft edge )
  • An Extra Ethernet Cable (in case of wired Setup Method)
  • Default IP address for Asus router

Note- if you have a new router you can find default details(wireless Configuration Card) inside the box that came with the Asus router.

Now all the information required will be provided within this post, Let’s start the Placement of the Router and start the process.

Asus Router Configuration

  • Plug the Asus Router to power the Outlet Near the Modem
  • Use the ethernet Cable to Connect the internet port of your router to your Modem
  • Turn on the Router and let the Asus router load the settings
  • Go to your computer or phone and refresh the available network around you. (Turn off the wifi and turn it on )
  • Now once you see a new Asus router network please Connect with it and if asked for the password please look at the bottom of the router or the configuration card.
  • once Connected please Go to router.asus.com or to login Asus router
  • use the default username and password to access the router settings
  • once login to the router console let your Asus router detect your modem
  • Follow the onscreen steps to Configure the router settings such as Security authentication type, wifi password(Network key) SSID (network name ), and other settings.
  • once you have done the settings please save the settings and restart the router.

Now you should be able to use your router’s wifi network with the password you just created. you can also enable/disable the guest network from the same console.

in any case, the setup is failed please reset the Asus router to default settings and start all over again.

Asus router setup without computer

if you don’t have a computer you can use your android and ios devices such as tablets/iPhone/ipad for setup. make sure the modem is connected to the router using the cable.

  • turn on the Asus router and wait while its boots up and load the settings
  • just open the playstore or app store on your phone/tablet
  • type Asus router and tap on the application to download it
  • go to your device wifi settings and connect with Asus router’s network
  • Now go to your phone/tablet and open the Asus applications
  • follow the onscreen steps and complete the setup
  • save the settings and exit the applications.

we hope all these methods will help you configure the Asus router. Please comment below and let us know if you need any other help with asus router setup.

thanks and Good luck.