Fix Belkin router that has stopped working

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WiFi routers are sensitive devices that may get technical Glitches every once in while and Belkin routers are not immune to these issues. today in this comprehensive guide we will try to cover all those Glitches that can cause your Belkin router to quit working. Let’s Dig in –

Why Belkin router is not working

There could Be N number of issues that could inflect internet disruption on multiple ends but let’s get a rough idea of possible reasons behind these Belkin problems-

  • change in Modem or router settings
  • non-responsive modem or internet connection
  • overheating or corrupted firmware
  • faulty cable connection
  • wrongful setup or configuration
  • Hardware Failure

Mostly these reasons behind Belkin WiFi problems and to Fix the Problem let us prescribe a detailed Guide to help you Get rid of the Problem. Try the Following Steps –

Lets start with basic troubleshooting first Before we take More chances-

  • Check the cable connection from the Modem to the Router
  • Look for Internet Light on Belkin router as well as your Modem
  • make sure the ISP (Internet Provider) is not down.

Belkin Router Basic Troubleshooting

  • Turn off the Belkin WiFi router and let it cool down for the next 5 minutes.
  • disconnect the power cord from the router & remove the Ethernet cable while its off
  • after 5 min Plug everything back together.
  • be sure to connect the internet cable coming from the modem to the WAN port of your Belkin router.
  • Go to your computer and try the internet.

this Should fix Belkin router problems if the problem was only a technical glitch However there is space for further troubleshooting if the issue is not resolved.

Check the Settings

once the cable connection and internet connection are stable Problems could be within router dashboard settings. use a laptop and connect the Belkin router with wifi or Use an Internet Cable to connect the laptop with the router. use as the default IP address to login Belkin router dashboard.

  • Once logged into the Belkin console be sure that the modem is detected and compatible with your Model of Belkin router. check the network name and security key to make sure all settings are there.
  • look for the latest firmware updates to keep the router firmware up to date.

save the settings & restart the router to make sure the internet is back online. when nothing seems to work it’s time to use last option and reset the Belkin router to default settings.

Reset Belkin Router

  • Wear a Rubber or Protective Glove because safety comes first
  • Plug the Belkin router into the power outlet and turn it on.
  • find a tiny paperclip, pen, or toothpick and look back carefully at your Belkin router.
  • Use it to press the reset key and hold it for the next 15-20 seconds
  • when all lights start flashing up Please restart the computer & Belkin router.

Now your Belkin router should be back to default settings & it will be easy to configure it Now. Use the Belkin Router setup Guide to Install the Belkin wifi router.

Hardware Failure

It’s highly unlikely but in some cases where we have observed that no matter what you do the Belkin router is gone. if you see no power light on the Belkin router then something is wrong. you can take it to the store as Belkin products have 90 days warranty. if it was an older router then it’s time you Get a new Belkin router. Please Contact Belkin Customer service in need of any help.

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