Fix Can’t Connect To This Network Wifi Error

We are so used to the Wi-Fi network that we cannot go on without its connectivity. And when multiple network issues surface, we find ourselves often turning panicky. But there are sure-shot solutions available to the standard Wi-Fi network connectivity problems you can apply as a user.

Below, you can find such common problems and the possible solutions for the same. When you start applying them to your Wi-Fi router and network settings, your work will never stop in the middle again, until and unless stated otherwise.

Basic Troubleshooting

This happens to most of us. This is a momentary issue more often than not.

On-off Wi-Fi button:

To solve it immediately, first, switch off the Wi-Fi button from your phone or device. Then, you must switch it on again after a few seconds. This should work.

Flight mode:

Try putting your phone or any other mobile device, has a connectivity issue, onto the flight mode. Now, wait 30 seconds.

Afterward, switch the device back to the normal mode. Now, tap on the Wi-Fi button.

Restart your phone or laptop:

You can simply restart your device. It will force shut down anything running in the background, which is also not letting your device to connect to the existing Wi-Fi network.

Restart the Wi-Fi router

However, if the earlier trick is not working, check whether the Wi-Fi network connects with other devices in your office or home. If the answer is yes, this momentary issue is probably because of the disturbance of the network in the area.

In such a situation, you can restart the Wi-Fi router itself, if others are not working with the same Wi-Fi at present.

update the driver – if your wifi keeps disconnecting then you must try to update the driver of concerned devices for example update the router firmware or update the laptop WiFi driver. in the case of the phone Please update the operating system

if Not even a single Device is getting connected with the Wi-Fi network

This can be a serious issue. But we have the right solutions to tackle such trouble at home or office.

Unplug the Wi-Fi router and plug it again:

If this happens, unplug the Wi-Fi router. But do it after you switch off the Wi-Fi network button from the modem itself. Wait for 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Tip: We should always switch off the Wi-Fi router whenever it is not in use. It helps in boosting the strength of the signal whenever next time it is switched on.

Now, plug the Wi-Fi router to the main switch and turn it on. Then, turn the Wi-Fi modem switch on too. Wait for the signals to restore. Then, after the internet is back, try connecting all your devices one by one.

Connect the device with the ethernet cable

Try connecting one of the devices with the direct ethernet or the broadband cable of the internet connection at home or office. Then jumpstart the Wi-Fi network from that device, possibly the laptop, if not the desktop.

Afterward, try searching for the Wi-Fi network connectivity again for the remaining devices. If this works, it means the original device might be creating an issue for the Wi-Fi network. In such a case, you must talk to a computer engineer to solve internal computing issues.

Talk to the ISP assigned to your Wi-Fi connection

If any of the two solutions mentioned above are not giving you the results for a Wi-Fi connection, talk to the ISP assigned for your broadband or Wi-Fi connection. If you do not have an ISP’s number, don’t worry. sometimes after you have fixed the issue you still might get err_internet_disconnected on the browser. please refer to the link to resolve the trouble.

You can easily find the internet solutions helpline number for the telecommunication and internet service provider providing you the Wi-Fi services. Then dial their number. They will help you either on the phone to restart the Wi-Fi settings or assign you a reliable engineer to resolve the issue as soon as possible with a doorstep visit.

Wi-Fi connection is frequently dropping

This problem of the Wi-Fi network is a nuisance for many. But it can be solved too.

Check the internet speed online:

Online portals help you to estimate the total downloading and uploading internet speed. So, whenever the connection is up, quickly check if there are any breakages or a smooth connection. Also, check for the total estimated for downloading and uploading the content online.

Check if the numbers presented on the screen match your current Wi-Fi package or not. If the speed is not matching with the plans you have taken, do as follows:

Talk to Router Support for the right solution:

Talking to the assigned Router support helps. They will let you know if the problem is related to:

  • The current Wi-Fi plan recharge lapses.
  • The technical backend management is going on in the server.
  • Whether your existing modem or Wi-Fi router is capable enough to load heavy websites or not.
  • At times, many routers have problems around the 2.5GHz frequency. The expert ISP will let you know if that’s the case.

To solve it, they can quickly get you a Wi-Fi booster (if in case it’s the internal wiring issue in your locality) or can help you with an upgraded version of the Wi-Fi for better bandwidth and speed.

Change your Wi-Fi channel:

At times, the connectivity of your Wi-Fi channel gets manipulated by how your neighbors are using their internet. You can use multiple Wi-Fi channel analyzers online for Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

These tools let you know if your current Wi-Fi channel overlaps with your neighbor’s or not. If it is overlapping, you must immediately change its change to a less congested one.

To do this, just easily go to the Wi-Fi settings using the IP address and the User ID and password assigned with the Wi-Fi router or modem.

4. You are not able to see the Wi-Fi network availability at all from your devices

This is quite a common Wi-Fi network problem. Often, either the Wi-Fi is not available at all. Or else, it shows “not connected to the internet” as a subtext message. To resolve this, follow as mentioned:

Reset the factory settings of your Wi-Fi

There are attempts from outsiders to steal your password or connection. Or else, there is an internal wiring problem. Such issues can lead to you having no Wi-Fi network connectivity. But it all resolves when you reset the factory settings of the Wi-Fi network.

There is always a button on the router named “Reset”. You can use it and wait for it to restart. Then you can begin connecting your devices effectively.

After reset Please reconfigure the wifi router and see if it helps you to fix the problem with wifi.