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Default Username & Password For Home Wifi Routers

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Hope You are Doing Great, We Welcome You with a Promise Of Complete Assistance of Any router problem you might have Today. This Post contains List of Most Major Router Brands Default Username & Passwords to Know the default Ip Address of All Routers Go to default Ip Address for Home Routers

This Post Will be a Complete Guide On How to Login the Router Settings Using default Credentials Also Learn How to Manually Find default Ip Address For Any Router

Quick Tip – You can Always Find Default Username, Password & default Ip Address at the Bottom of Back Of Router. Look for Lable (Sticker) at the Router that Contains default Information,

in case You have Brand New Router Please look for Wireless Configuration Card Under The Box.

Use One of these Combinations to Unlock the Admin Access of Your Router.

admin Michelangelo
root alpine


Hopefully one of these combinations should help you log in to the router, However in case you set up a new password upon the first setup of the router for the admin access then you are left with only option to reset the Router. Some of the advanced wireless routers offer a forgot password option to recover or reset the router admin password.

Hopefully these steps would help you access the router dashboard. do let us know if you need more help with router login.

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