How to factory Reset tplink Router?

Hi there, resetting the wifi router can really help you troubleshoot almost all problems with your router however once you reset the TP-Link router to factory default all the settings and configuration will be erased.

the router will go back to factory settings and you will need to reconfigure it so be advised-

there are two methods one can use to factory reset the tp-link router. here is what you need to do-

Note- find a paper clip or pen so you can press the reset key at the back of your router. wear a rubber glove if possible.

Use the Reset key on the router

  • Plug the TP-Link router to the power cord and turn it on
  • find the reset key at the back of your tp link router
  • Press the reset key using the paperclip or pen and hold it for 20 seconds
  • once you see all lights flashing on the router let the reset key go.
  • restart the tplink router and wait for one minute for it to load the settings

Now your router settings have been restored to default. please setup tplink router from the start as it was a new router.

if the reset fails please do it again however it is advised

Reset tplink router using the Tplink dashboard

the reset from dashboard would only work if you are already connected to tplink router using wifi or the cable connection to your device on which you are trying to login tplink router.

once you have access to the dashboard please Go to the settings and click on reset or restore defaults.

the process may take 1-2 minutes to finish the process. once its done please restart the router and start the installtion process. you router should be good as new now.

update the firmware before proceeding and follow the on screen guide to setup the extender.