this post is dedicated to helping you with hitron router login and troubleshooting Common hitron router problems.

Just like all other wifi routers, in order to access the hitron router console, you need few key details so we can help you login hitron wireless router.


Details that you would Need can be procured very easily. Please Make sure you are Equipped with the information need prior to login such as –

  • Default Hitron IP address Known as the default gateway.
  • Default Username and password of the Hitron router.
  • direct connection from hitron router and computer or Phone with browser

Note – Wifi Network name and password are only helpful to access the wireless internet. to change settings or login the hitron router we need hitron username and password for router admin console

Hitron Router Default Ip –

in most cases its been observed that is the default IP address for most of hitron router models however in some models we have also seen as the default IP address of hitron wireless router.

if one doesn’t work please try to see if it is the default IP address of your Router. You can check out all information about default ip address for various Routers

default username and password for Hitron router

Depending upon the model numbers of your Hitron router, you can access them through following default username and password list :

Hitron Router Model Default Username Default Password
CGN cusadminpassword
CGN2 ROG admin  password
CGN3 cusadmin password
CGN3 ROG cusadmin password
CVE-30360 admin password
CVW-30360 admin password

there are many more combinations for default username and password to checkout and see if any of them helped.

  • Check out that your Hitron router is switched on and connected to Computer Or Smartphone through WiFi or LAN cable.
  • You can use a laptop, computer or even smartphone to perform this step. Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and Insert  as the IP address and press enter.
  • Now, you must enter the username as well as the password provided for accessing your Hitron router and press enter key or the ‘Sign in’ button on the window.
  • Your device is ready for configuration on your Hitron router

After logging in to your Hitron admin interfaces, you Can make changes as you See Fit. Changes Need to be done very carefully and in order otherwise, it could cause further trouble.

What if Login Failed?

Sometimes it happens that you Someone From your Home or Your internet services Provider has locked your hitron router with a custom password then the default details would not get you logged in to your hitron router admin console.

in any case, if the Hitron Router Login failed you can reset the settings back to default and Start just Like a fresh & new router.

Reset Hitron Wireless Router-

Once you are unable to log in to Hitron Router using the IP address through the existing username and password, then it is recommended to follow the given below instructions to reset hitron router

  • Turn on the Hitron Router and look at the back of hitron router.
  • Now you should press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds continuously. 
  • While your reset button is pressed, you have to unplug the Hitron router from the power and hold on the reset button again for 30 seconds.
  • The final step is to continue pressing the reset button down and turning on the power while you keep the reset button pressed for another 30 seconds.
  • Now you will be able to reset the Hitron router to its previously default username as well as password. 
  • As mentioned in the above list of usernames and passwords, you can now enter the login credentials according to the Hitron router model/brand you have. 

What if the IP address of Hitron Router is not working?

If you find that IP address of Hitron Router i.e. is not working then you can perform any of the following steps to check out :

  • Use a different computer, smartphone or laptop to view the web browser for connecting the Hitron Router.
  • You can use a different web browser in place of the one you are using. Web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer,  Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • Now, you must restart the Hitron Router and see if you can access the Router Dashboard on your screen.
  • Carefully, enter the IP address of the router without committing any errors.

How to troubleshoot for fixing the Hitron Router connection issue?

For checking the network connectivity, the most common method is the  Ping test. To perform the Ping test do the following steps:

  • For window users open the CMD.exe and for MAC users open the Terminal
  • Now type the IP address of the Hitron router i.e. and press enter. 
  • The result will tell you if the Hitron router is properly connected or not. 

Please contact us if you need any further help with hitron router login Or Troubleshooting of hitron wifi router.

We are more then happy to help you fix any router related problems.

Good luck.