Facing problem with login into brother printer dashboard? If that’s a problem for you, you can consider using the following guide to successfully log in to the brother printer dashboard with printer IP.

Steps to take to login Brother printer Dashboard with printer’s IP address-

  • Open the browser, whether on your mobile or your computer, and then on the Search tab or the tab where you enter websites address, type “HTTP:// then machines IP address” in your browser’s address bar.
  • The new page opens up when you enter the IP address of the printer. The page will open up with a login field. In the login field, type the login credentials, including the default login password or the password set by you.
  • Now click on the administrator tab when you have entered. 
  • In case you do not find the administrator tab as mentioned above, click on the login password.

Unable To Find IP Address Of The Printer

If you are unable to find the printer’s IP address, then, in that case, the IP address can be installed via the control panel of Brother machine or simply by printing a Report page called User Settings list or network configuration list only if you purchased it network ready.

If You Are Unaware Of Your Password

For Brother printers, at present, the default login password provided by the company to manage any of the machine settings is “initpass.”

Not just we but the company itself personally suggests that once you buy the machine and it’s being used, the default login password should be changed because it is much safer, gives you a personal touch of access to your machine, and prevents any unauthorized access, making the printer much more secure to work with. find default Brother Printer password.

What does IP address for printer mean?

  • Click on the home button on the printer so that you can access the menu on display.
  • From all the options available, select preferences-options wireless settings.
  • As the next box appears, check the top of the screen.
  • Here you will find the IP address displayed properly on its top border but sometimes not always.

If the IP address is not connected to the printer?

Then select the printer you purchased from the Brother company from the list of detected devices, which shows up all the local printers around your area in short range. Many times the printer you have may not appear in the list; all you need to do is from the options available, click on the one which says “the printer that I want isn’t listed” after that, select “Add a printer using the IP address or just your hostname.” Enter whatever the static IP address is assigned to the printer, and it’s done, click next.

What if the printer doesn’t have the IP address?

If this is the case with your printer, too, then the real problem lies in your configuration. Routers and other devices are using the DHCP network protocol; by this protocol, an IP address is automatically assigned to the network device. check out how to connect brother printer to wifi and get it printing.

After all, the process is done, restart your computer; if the IP address is not visible at once, do it a couple of times. Sooner or later, an IP address should be assigned to the printer itself.