Hello folks,

today we are going to share some of the Quick self-help methods to help you troubleshoot and login dlink range extender. dlink extenders are one of the top 10 range extenders available to market and this guide in detail will help you access dlinkap.local and make you understand how to use it to setup, configure or troubleshoot Dlink extender Problems.

Now having access to dlink extender dashboard would allow you to have complete control over features and functioning of you WiFi range extender. settings like Network name (SSID) Password (Network Key), Band Settings, channel settings or Security Protocols can only be access using Dlinkap.local console.


Now that you know how important is to login dlink extender lets Help you access it. now assuming you have already configured dlink extender there is quick way of going about this. Please Follow the steps in case where your dlink extender is working and you are connected with the extended network.

  • Go to your laptop or smartphone (any device with full browser which is connected to dlink extender)
  • Open a web browser such as chrome, firefox or safari.
  • type http://dlinkap.local at the top of the address bar and press enter. one can use the default dlink extender IP address also instead of the dlinkap.local web address.
  • if it ask for the password please use a combination of default username & password that we use for a router or you can try to remember the password that you configured for dlink extender admin dashboard upon the first setup.

Note – most of the default dlink extender details can also be found on the dlink configuration card that came with dlink extender.

  • please types the details and you should be able to access the extender console however if it fails please hard Reset the Dlink extender and in easy process of settings up dlink extender, you will also have settings customized as per your need.

How to Reset & Setup Dlink Range Extender

this part is quite easy but would require you to follow the steps in a correct order. first we reset range extender to default settings. please follow-

  • Plug the dlink extender to power the socket then turn it on to boot the settings.
  • find a toothpick, paperclip or pen then locate the reset key on dlink extender. it may be at the bottom of the back of the extender.
  • Press the reset key gently and hold it for the next 10-15 seconds while the range repeater is on. when lights start flashing do let the reset key go and reboot the dlink extender.
  • now the dlink extender is fully restored back to default settings you will be able to setup it using dlinkap.local web address.

Just for the Setup part you should bring the range extender in the same room with your main wifi router and follow the steps below-

  • connect the Dlink extender with the power source and let the settings be refresh
  • Search the available network link and connect with network names such as dlink-faq or dlink_ext
  • as it was reset so it should not ask for the password and you will be connected to dlink extender.
  • open a web browser and type dlinkap.local to access the dlink extender console.
  • follow the onscreen instructions select your language and click next.
  • at next step it may ask you to choose how would you like to connect the Dlink extender with your main router there are 3 ways you can connect the dlink extender with router- 1- Wifi, 2- Ethernet 3- WPS Push Method
  • Please choose the wifi method. once selected your extender will search the network around the extender and come up with a wifi network list.
  • Please select your main wifi network & type the wifi password of the main router to connect the router with the extender.
  • in the next step, one can create a new network name & wifi password for the extender as per your choice.
  • one can also make an admin password to prevent unauthorized access to the extender database.
  • Click on Finish to save the settings & give 1 min to save the settings.
  • now you can unplug the extender and place it where wifi dead zones are. plug it to the power outlet and use the new password to connect with range extender.

you are all set to use dlink range extender. do comment & let us know if you need anymore help with dlink extender.