The Viasat router login details are a must for getting access to the control panel of the router. From this control panel, you can control the settings immediately.

You can make the desired changes to the network and its settings using the control panel access.

In this article, we apprise you of the easy steps to follow that can get you the quick access to log into the Viasat router web interface.

Requirements list for beginning the process:

Though the steps are rather straightforward, you still need a thing or two. These are:

  • A Viasat router.
  • stable internet browser. You can use Chroma, Mozilla, Edge, or Opera.
  • Access to the internet’s network. This can be through Wi-Fi or the LAN-settings

Here are the instructions to follow for complete diagnosis and configuration of the Viasat network through its web interface:

Ensure that you have a stable and active connection to the Viasat router

To access the setup pages online through the web interface, first, confirm and check whether the Viasat router is connected or not. If it’s not, switch it on. Now, connect the internet connection on your computer or laptop, either using the ethernet cable or Wi-Fi password.

If you have forgotten the password, use the cable, or call the network provider to know the password. The choice is yours.

However, when you use the ethernet cable, you won’t need the password. You can easily begin the process without waiting for the operator to help you set up a new password.

Open the browser and put in the IP address

Go to the browser on your computing device and open it. Most Viasat routers have commonly set an IP Address. That is: However, if it does not work, search the Viasat IP address list online for the router model number you own.

When you are sure about the IP address, type it in the browser’s address bar, given that the internet connection is stable now. And hit Enter.

Enter the username and password credentials

You will now have a new page opened up in front of you. It will be straightaway asking you for username and password. You must already know the username and password for the Viasat control panel account.

Once you access the web interface, configure the router settings in any which way you want. Obtain the username and password details for your Viasat router

If you don’t know anything about the username and password, follow these quick tips:

Check the back of the router:

The user ID and password details are often printed at the backside of the Viasat router model you own. So, check its backside carefully. You must get the right details from there only.

However, in any case, you cannot check the backside, or the print has been distorted, don’t worry. There are other ways, such as:

The default credential’s list:

Check online the default set username and password. You can do that by knowing your model number. If you are confused about the model number, press Cntrl F in your Windows search bar to find the Viasat router model number.

After you know the model number, you can search online the default username and password updated list. This list will also show the IP address and the model number for which the username and password are available.

Reset the Viasat router:

Another way to make your old username and password work would be to reset the router setting. You can do it by 30-30-30 seconds of reset settings.

There is a reset button on the Viasat router. Press it for 30 seconds once. Then, just unplug it and keep holding it for another 30 seconds. Then turn the power again while keeping the reset button clicked for the last 30 seconds.

This process will bring back the router to the factory settings. Now, your old username and password to log into the Viasat router web interface must work

Talk to the operator:

If none of those steps are effective to make the existing username and password work, your last option is to call the internet service provider. He will help you get the new username and password from the server altogether. He can also reset the router from his end if it was Provided by your cable company.