How to Reset any Wireless Router to default settings?

Resetting your router to default setting is simple and the best solution when the user forgot its administrator password. Resetting router to factory setting also helps to fix all kinds of router problems.

Router resetting not only fixes the problems, but it also prevents your network from malware and intruders. Most of the network experts recommend resetting the router unit once a year to prevent the malware attack.

Many router users think that rebooting and resetting the router is the same thing. Restarting turns of the router unit and turn it on again. Restart and rebooting router is the same. When it comes to resetting the router unit, it is quite different from the rebooting router unit. Resetting erases all the router customized settings and restores it to default settings.

In most of the cases, the rebooting or restarting router unit fix all kind of network issues. Users should reboot the router in the following manner to resolve the router problem.

  1. Turn of the router unit.
  2. Unplug the power cable and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power cable and turn on the wireless router.
    If the restarting router doesn’t help then the user can reset the router using any of the methods given in the article.

Router Resetting Methods

There are 2 methods of router reset available in the market. Users can use the router resting method depends on the router problem. This article contains a detailed and step wise procedure to reset any wireless router. After resetting the router to default settings user need to configure their router freshly. Resetting procedure deletes all the saved Wi-Fi passwords on the device. So it is a good idea to note down the network credentials before resetting the router to its default settings. Here are the three methods to reset the router unit.

Soft Reset

Soft reset router can be used when the user faced internet connectivity issues. When a user experiences slow internet, wireless connectivity, frequent internet drop problems then the user can soft reset the router unit. Users need to know the router user name and password to execute the router soft resetting steps.

Soft reset help to reset the connection between modem and router unit. Soft resetting of the router takes place through a web interface. Users should connect the router unit and the computer system before following the router soft resetting steps given below.

  • Disconnect the cable which is connected between router and modem.
  • Reconnect the modem and router unit again after a couple of seconds. In some cases, users have a router-modem combination in a single unit. Such users can skip the first and second steps.
  • Open the web browser and enter the router IP address in the URL box. Users can find the IP address on the router hardware or in the router user manual. Users can also get the IP address of their router by running the ‘ipconfig’ command in the windows command prompt.
  • It will open the web interface by using which user can access the router admin settings.
  • Enter the router user name and password to access router settings.
  • Once the router settings page is open then the user can look for router factory reset option and click on it to reset the router to default settings.

Linksys wireless router users can follow given steps to reset their router unit.

  1. Type the Linksys router IP address ( in the web browser and Open the router web interface.
  2. Enter the admin username and password and login to access router settings.
  3. In the settings window, go to the administration tab and select the factory default option.
  4. Confirm the same by clicking on the yes button.
  5. Click on the save settings button to complete the procedure. know more on How to Login linksys router to reset and configure the settings.

Tp-link router users can follow given steps to reset their router unit.

  • Open the router settings page on the web browser by using the default IP address of the TP-link router.
  • Enter the admin credentials and press the login button.
  • Go to advanced-> system tools-> backup and restore options.
  • After then select the ‘factory default restore’ option. User can see the factory restore button click on it to reset your TP-link router.

D-link router users can follow given steps to reset their router

  1. Open router web interface by entering router default IP address in the web browser.
  2. Log in and access the router settings page.
  3. Go to the Maintenance tab and click on the reset button to reset the d-link router to default settings.
  4. Know More about dlink router login & How to change settings.

In this way, the user can soft reset their router unit. Users can reconfigure and restart the router unit after having the soft reset on the router unit.

Hard Reset

Hard reset typically used when the user forgot its router admin username and password. Users should use hard reset only if the soft reset doesn’t help to resolve the problem. Every router is having the reset button on it, by using this button user can perform the hard reset of the router. Users need to know the default username and password of the router unit before hard resetting the wireless router. Users can perform a hard reset on their router by following the given steps.

  • Locate the press the reset button on the router unit for 30 seconds. Users can make use of a pin to hold the router reset button. A router reset button is generally located on the backside of the router unit.
  • The power LED of the router unit should blink while pressing the router reset button.
  • Release the reset button after 30 seconds and wait for your router to reboot.
  • Wait for the router to start and make sure that the power LED of the router is glowing.
    In this way, the user can hard reset their router unit. After hard resetting the router unit user can log in to the router web interface with the default username and password.
    If the user still having the network issues, then the user can get in touch with the router technical support team to resolve the problem. User should update their router firmware after resetting the router to default settings.