How to Login Tenda Wireless Router?

Tenda Router

Control Over Your Wireless Router Would Enable You Change Settings & Configure the Router So it’s Really Important to Know the Tenda Login details. Having the information About Tenda Router administrative Settings Would Always help you Manage the Router Settings & services. Like Any Other Router Tenda Router Also has the Same Process to login to the Admin Console. Today in this Post We Will Explain All About Tenda Router Login, details Such as –

  • Tenda Router Default Ip address
  • Default Username & Password
  • How to Perform Tenda Login
  • what to do if you can’t log in Tenda Router
  • Tenda Router Reset & Troubleshooting.

Tenda Wireless Router is a device that helps in connecting to the internet through a wireless system. Nowadays, the wi-fi system is available at every place whether it is your home, school, work area, metro stations, café, restaurants, and a lot more places. You Must Know Tenda Router Default Login Information To Perform any task for administrative Purposes such as Setup, Password change, Network Settings Change, Etc.

Requirments For Tenda Router Login

Now to Login any Small or Home wireless Router You must Know Know Few Details such as Default Ip Address (Gateway) & Username & Password. Also, You Need to make sure the devices You are Trying to Use for Tenda Login are connected to the Tenda Router regardless of the Wireless Or Wired Connection.

Perform Tenda Login

If You are Connected With Tenda Router Using Tenda Wireless Network Then it’s fine Otherwise Connect the Tenda router Using an Ethernet Cable to your computer or any other source. Now connect one end of the cable to the First Lan Port of Tenda wireless Router.

connect computer to Tenda router

Step 2:

When the router is connected, the next step is to open the Internet browser such as Google Chrome Or Internet Explorer and type Default Tenda Ip Address at the top of your Internet Web Browser But in case you don’t know about your Default Tenda IP address, you can also Look at the Bottom of your Router. There Will be a Lable Containing all the Information. tenda Login

Note – Some Model Of Tenda Router May Use As their default Router Ip. So Make sure What is The default Ip Address Before Proceeding For Steps –

tenda router lable

Once you have obtained your Default IP address move to the third step.

Step 3:

When you get your Default Tenda Router IP address, enter this IP address in the address bar of the router after that you will drive to the login details page in which you Will be Asked to Enter the Login Credentials. Most of the time Your Default Username and Password Should Work if you have Not changed it Previously-


We are Going to Provide You Some Default Username & Password Combination- Give Them a Try-

Tenda default Ip Address & Username-Password

default Ip Address is a Changeable Local Web Address That Helps you access the Router Console & Settings. In Case of Tenda Router Many, Ip address have Been Found to Be Working depending On the Router model & series. One Can try these Ip Address One by One for the Tenda Login-

In Some Model of Tenda Router, the default Ip Address is It Works for Most of the Tenda Router Login But it does not Work Try . for Default Username & Password Use these Credentials –

Username Password

if None of the Combination Would Work then refer to Our Default Username & Password Combination Guide

Some of the Models of Tenda Wireless Router Would Not Even Ask for Username. All they ask is the Password Please Type admin as the Password & If That Doesn’t Work Just Leave it Blank and click on Login.

Now You Should be Logged in to Your Tenda Wireless Router. Now if you are Still Not able to Login Tenda Router then you Must Perform a Hard Reset On Tenda Wireless Router.

Reset Tenda Wireless Router-

To Reset Tenda Router Please Follow these Steps carefully Without Skipping Any part of it –

  • Connect the Tenda Router & Wear Safety Rubber Gloves in Your Hand.
  • Turn on the Tenda Router & Give it a Minutes for All Lights to come on.
  • Carefully Look at the Back Or Below the Tenda Router & Locate the Tiny Tenda Router Reset Hole Or Key.
  • Use a Paper-clip or Pen to Press & Hold the Reset key for Next 10-15 Seconds then Lets it Go.
  • Reset the Router & It’s Not Restore back to Default Settings. Know More About How to Reset Tenda Router

Once the Router Has been Reset all the Settings have Gone back to Default Settings So You Can Try Doing the Login From the start of this post. Let’s See if This time it works, Now After Login You Must Secure & Reconfigure Your Tenda Router.

Secure Tenda Wireless Router

Once Logged In Please Move to the WLAN Settings and click on basic settings. Now click on to the “Enable Wireless”.

For a security reason and to stop someone else accessing wi-fi .you can change the router name and password by checking into security. Now keep all other settings of this page to the default and click on the apply option.

tenda Login

Note – Router Dashboard Admin Password is a different Password and the One that you use for Wireless Network access is Know As Network Key (Wifi Password).

Once you have done the user settings. Click on the option “Security Settings“. After that, click on ‘Security Mode‘. Select the network security type, enable WPA2-PSK encryption and set a strong password that must be 8-16 characters long. It will be your new user password and settings you may remember it or write it down. Leave the remaining settings on default and click on the applicable option.

tenda Router password setup

Now move to the “WPS Settings” and select ‘disable‘ and click save.

Lock Tenda Router Admin Dashboard

  • To secure your wireless router and to prevent unknown & unauthorized users for accessing the Router Management Page. We Recommend changing the default username and password too by following these simple steps;
  • Click on the Wireless option present on the left side of the menu bar.
  • You will see the ‘System Tools’ option. Here you can change the default username and password.
  • When you click on it, you will see the box in which the username and password are mentioned.
  • Select the change option and enter a new username where ‘admin’ is written.
  • Once you have done this click on change password. The box will display the old password and new password option. Fill the old password in the column and Fill a new password in the new password column. After filling in the new password, click on the confirm option.
  • Change the default name and password and save the changes. Please make sure you don’t use the same user login name and password that you have used to log in to the wi-fi router.
tenda router Login


Please note that the login details are to access the router configuration page. But in case you lost these configuration details, and you want to re-access these configurations, then you need to factory reset the router. So, to secure details and access it again, copy the complete information of the configuration on the safer place.

  • Once after setting the configuration details, make sure to Save & close the Tenda configuration page.

Once you have done all the steps Congratulations your Tenda Wireless Router network is ready to access. When router setup is available, Connect modem with wi-fi router by accessing the “WAN” Known as Internet Port which is ported on the back of the router. Switch on to the power source for your router and modem. The wi-fi network will be available to access the internet in your place.

Some Solutions For Login Troubles

There are a few possible reasons which enable you to log in to your router in which some of them are:

Password not working

If your default password is not working, you don’t need to worry about this because you can try another Different Combination of the password & Username. There are Multiple Default Usernames & Password are Given in this Post. Also, Look at the Bottom of Your Router for Default Login details Before You Try Other Things. In case your default Details are managed By Your ISP then Instead of Doing Reset Please call your Internet service providers as they may know your user login details and passwords. (Don’t Let ISP Keep You Away From Your Own Router Access.

Here, we have simplified the login Steps to get access to the wireless network without suffering from the login troubles. Wireless Networks provides you easy to access internet connection even to your small devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers and many more. Once after setting all the details mentioned in the steps given above, you are ready to enjoy internet services in any corner of your place.

Please Comment Below & Let us know if you need any other help With Tenda Router Login Or Setup. We are Committed to Guide You in the Right Direction. Please Provide Your Valuable Comments to Improve the Post Or Ask a Question Related to Tenda Router.

Until then, Have Fun Cheers

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