Today in this Post We are Going to Guide you On How to Login Zyxel Router Regardless of Model & series of the Product. We Understand that Having Access to Router Admin Settings Would Allow you to Make Many Changes As Per Your Need & it would Also Allow You to change Settings Like Password, Performance & Installation Features.

You Will Also Learn all combinations of default usernames & passwords for ZyXEL Router depending. This Post Would Also Help You Reset & Reconfigure Your Zyxel Router in case You Fail to Login the Router using default settings So let’s Get started –

To Login Zyxel Router Admin Page We Need Some Information in Hand Such As Default Zyxel Router Ip & Default Username & password-

Default Zyxel Router Ip –

During Our research, we have Found That Most of the Zyxel Router Model & Series Have Or as their default IP Address (Gateway) However in Some Case we have Seen a Few Other Ip Address Such as –

Also If You are Not Sure Which One is default Ip Address Then Look at the back of your Router. You can Find a Lable (Sticker) Under the Router containing default Information Or Find The Default Ip Address Manually

Now Lets Put this Information to Good Use & Try to access the Zyxel Router Dashboard.

Zyxel Router Login –

  • First Thing First, Connect the Zyxel Router to Your computer Or Phone Using Ethernet cable Or Wifi & Turn On the Router.
  • Open the Internet Browser & Type the default Ip Address to Your Router. For Example
Zyxel Router Login
  • If Asked for Default Username & Password Please Use One of these Combination ones by one.
admin admin
webadmin 1234

Now Information Given Above Should help you log in Zyxel router However if this Fails we are left we only Option to Reset Zyxel Router Back to defaults.

Note – If You have a PPPoE Internet Connection From Your Internet Service Provider Then you Must Contact ISP Before Performing Reset to Zyxel Router However Most Branded Internet Providers Provide DHCP Internet Connection Type So Carry On if you have DHCP because it can be Configured Easily. With PPP0E We Would Ask you to have Username & Password tp Reconfigure the Router. Learn More On Why Zyxel Router Not Working

Reset Zyxel Router –

  • Power On the Zyxel Wireless Router.
  • Locate the Reset key at the back Or Bottom of Zyxel Wireless Router.
  • Use a Tiny Object such as Pen Or Paperclip to Press & hold the Reset key for 15-20 seconds While Zyxel is Powered On.
  • Let the Reset Key Go When You See All Light on Zyxel Router Flashing Together. It is When you Know the Job is Done.
  • Restart the Router Along With Internet Modem & You Settings Should be reverted back to defaults.
  • Now you Free to Login the Zyxel Router & reconfigure it With your Existing Internet Modem Like a New Router.

We Hope this Information Did Really Helped However We Urge you to Let us know Via Comments if you Need Any Other Help With Any Other Router Problem. Our Reply Will Come ASAP.

Until Then ..Good Luck